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It’s easy to feel helpless when you’ve received a life-changing diagnosis

Surviving Me is designed to help you reconnect with yourself and use your natural strengths to live every day on your own terms. It aims to help you find acceptance, manage your anxiety and worries and adopt a more positive outlook.

With Surviving Me, you can make sure who you are is not lost with your diagnosis, but instead can continue to shine brightly.

A few words from Helen, founder of Surviving Me

Despite all the good work of the NHS and many charitable organizations, there is often limited psychological support for people who have received life-changing diagnoses.

I developed Surviving Me so that you can lead an empowered, fulfilled, positive life, whatever your diagnosis.

During my time as an anxiety specialist and trauma counsellor, I worked with many people facing personal crises. I understand how a person’s sense of self can become lost as a disease progresses and how, left unchecked, this can start to affect relationships and family life.

With Surviving Me, you can regain control and start living the best version of your life.

A key part of this programme is the chance to tell your story in your own words. This helps to make sense of your life to date. It creates perspective, peace and resolution, and helps focus the mind.

From the fairy tales of our childhood to the things we tell ourselves about important moments, we are the stories we create, and each tale is unique and important.

I’m offering the chance for people to add their stories to this site to help inspire and motivate others. Please consider becoming part of this community of support, and share your perspective on this most difficult of journeys

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