Sarah Clarke – Surviving Me Workbook Review

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This time a year ago I was a healthy young woman. Fast forward 12 months and I have endured relentless scans, tests, hospital admissions. My journey is still not complete and is one that has made me reflect and change as a person. I am yet to know the outcome of recent scans, but I do [...]

Spoonie Living – Surviving Me Review

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Review - Surviving Me: Living with a Life-Changing Diagnosis Editor Diane here; I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this neat workbook, and I want to tell y’all a little bit about it. Surviving Me is a great starter kit for the new spoonie, with resources on coping, adjusting to changes, reflecting, and [...]

Maria Mead Counselling Service – Surviving Me Review

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Surviving Me is not just a book. It’s a set of guidelines which has been lovingly written for people who are living with a life changing diagnosis and need guidance and support on how to draw on their natural resources to live every day on their own terms and not on their illness’s terms. It’s wonderfully [...]

Maria Antoniou – Surviving Me Review

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This is a wonderful set of guidelines, rather than a book. It’s not just for people who are living with a life changing diagnosis but for anyone who wants to understand themselves better and live their lives more meaningfully. It warmly invites you to tap into your inner resources, to be courageous, to look at who [...]

Vivien Morgan – Surviving Me Review

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Surviving Me is the guardian angel book for anyone with a life-changing illness. Recently diagnosed or having lived with an illness for a long period of time, Surviving Me supports a person in a self-guiding book aiming to maximise positive outcomes in their daily life. The book systematically supports the reader to analyse their everyday life [...]

Dr Kate Exley – Surviving Me Review

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Seeing a very close friend live the journey that begins with that shattering and life changing diagnosis, I was shocked to find out how little psychological and emotional support existed for her. Yes, health professionals provided excellent medical care and family and friends always tried to ‘be there’, but what struck me was that there is [...]

Dr Michael Hill – Surviving Me Review

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The objective [of Surviving Me] is obviously an important one. I read recently that in the UK, the risk of cancer is one in three, and there are other serious illnesses that need management. I was a psychiatrist, and had no experience in dealing with terminal illness, but many of the suggestions [in Surviving Me] could [...]