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I am a Coach, Psychotherapist and Mediator with wide ranging experience over 20+ years working with Adults and Children.  I support the alleviation of anxiety and trauma patterns in all areas of life, health and personal performance.

Stress disempowers our ability to live fully, and gets in the way of good emotional and mental health. It weakens our ability to perform on all levels – at home, work, school, in exam/performance situations and in relationships.

In coaching sessions we develop positive health and wellbeing strategies to enable more fulfilled, successful and purposeful living. We develop personal toolkits to self manage stressful situations, develop good habits of relaxation, and in so doing, live fully on our own terms every single day.

Sessions can be face-to-face, or online at mutually convenient times. Audio downloads are also available to support consultations

Exam stress


Identifying and managing your individual stress.

Simple, quick techniques to help you perform at your best in exam situations.

Preparation for study and revision.

Understanding your learning type.

Guided audio relaxation techniques for inside and outside the examination room including effective sleep.

Sleep problems


Understanding your anxiety and sleep patterns.

Disturbed awakenings in the night.

Managing stress levels throughout the day in preparation for rest.

Eating disorders


Understanding your anxiety habits.

Comfort eating.

Inability to eat consistently well for health.

Under eating.

Food phobias.

Quit smoking


Understanding your cravings and smoking habits.

Understanding your identity and habit as a smoker.

Changing that identity and habit associated with it.

Stopping cravings.

Fear & anxiety


Understanding how fear works for you.

Simple guided techniques to eliminate anxiety habits moment by moment.



Panic attacks.

Performance anxiety for sport.

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