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Dr Kate Exley – Surviving Me Review

Seeing a very close friend live the journey that begins with that shattering and life changing diagnosis, I was shocked to find out how little psychological and emotional support existed for her.

Yes, health professionals provided excellent medical care and family and friends always tried to ‘be there’, but what struck me was that there is a lot of time, usually in the dark, brooding hours, when one is necessarily very alone.

I think Helen saw this critical gap and, more importantly, envisaged a way to help. The result, ‘Surviving Me’, is a toolkit of resources that includes information, practical guidance and a set of structured, reflective techniques. Designed with knowledge and care, it enables those living with a life-changing diagnosis to learn how to tap into their own reserves of strength, draw upon their core beliefs and values and ultimately hold onto that vital sense of self.

Dr Kate Exley, PhD, SFSEDA, SFHEA, NTF
Director, Higher Education Assessment & Development Ltd
Senior staff development officer, University of Leeds

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