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Dr Michael Hill – Surviving Me Review

The objective [of Surviving Me] is obviously an important one. I read recently that in the UK, the risk of cancer is one in three, and there are other serious illnesses that need management.

I was a psychiatrist, and had no experience in dealing with terminal illness, but many of the suggestions [in Surviving Me] could help in the management of depressive illness or chronic depressive outlook on life.

All the proposals seem sound: setting goals, creating a plan, identifying values (what matters most), organising day-to-day life. At first, I wondered about the appropriateness of setting goals for people who could potentially have brief expectation of life, but it is, of course, important…

The ideas of a reminder phrase and of scheduling regular times reinforces the aim of giving people a sense of control. The voice and intonation of the CD are excellent, particularly in the sleep relaxation section – it could not have been better done.

Dr Michael Hill

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