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Surviving Me audio set download


Release your worries and drift off into a restful night’s sleep with the Surviving Me audio collection.

This five-track CD teaches you how to use the emotional freedom technique and features meditation, sleep relaxation and visualization exercises.


Product Description

Audio tracks 1 & 2 download – How to use EFT

Providing a comprehensive introduction to the Emotional Freedom Technique, this download shows you how to gently alleviate negative symptoms and focus on living stress free, moment by moment.

Total duration = 14 minutes

Audio track 3 download – Meditation

This guided meditation uses the Emotional Freedom Technique to help you create a calm, safe inner space. It will also help you to incorporate discipline and routine into your life – the key to simplified living.

Duration = 14 minutes

Audio track 4 download – Sleep relaxation

Rest is crucial to gaining the strength to deal with life’s challenges. This download helps you develop positive sleep patterns, rest at any time of the day and create a safe haven whenever you need it.

Duration = 30 minutes

Audio track 5 download – Visualization

Empower yourself with positive thoughts and images of self-healing without stress. This download will help you focus positively and find acceptance and peace.

Duration = 15 minutes

*Important information: Once your order is complete you will be directed to a website where you can download your audio track(s). Please note you will not receive a physical CD.