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My Son Lives On Through Me

Four years ago, Lorraine George's son Rob died from leukaemia aged just 21. She tells Lucy Banwell how she has managed to carry on, inspirted by her sports-mad boy. Click the image below to read [...]

How to recognise stress

Stress is an unfortunate part of most people’s lives. But when your health is under threat from a life-changing condition, it can be hard to keep it under control. What actually is stress?  First things [...]

Is counselling for me?

Chronic illness often brings with it many lifestyle changes that can be hard to accept. Losing the ability to do things that you previously enjoyed, like driving a car or having a busy social life, [...]

I’ve finished my treatment. Now what?

Receiving a life-changing diagnosis can be scary. But once you’ve told your loved ones the news, made it through all the doctor’s appointments and finished your treatment, what happens next? The trauma of disease alters [...]

What is mindfulness and how can it help me?

These days, it seems like everyone’s talking about meditation or mindfulness. But is it just a passing fad, or is there more to it? What is it? Meditation has been around for (literally) thousands of [...]

What is hospice care?

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘hospice’? Many might think of a type of hospital that is only for people at the end of their lives. Unsurprisingly, this can paint quite [...]