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Sarah Clarke – Surviving Me Workbook Review

This time a year ago I was a healthy young woman. Fast forward 12 months and I have endured relentless scans, tests, hospital admissions. My journey is still not complete and is one that has made me reflect and change as a person. I am yet to know the outcome of recent scans, but I do know that I will now be on medication for life and will have to endure yearly review meetings with my consultant. I have found this difficult to accept and adjust to and I was very interested to read ‘surviving me’.

I was very excited upon receiving as I have yet to find a self-help book, diary, journal that meets my needs.

The layout is very clear and concise and in easily manageable sections which you are able to pick up and continue when you are able to do so. This I found particularly useful as it can be difficult to concentrate or focus on long periods of time due to medical needs etc.

This book helps to make sense of the sometimes overwhelming changes you may not have control over and puts you in control of setting goals, reviewing your emotions, creating targets to work towards. These are all important skills to develop to help you keep hope and positivity when facing a life-changing diagnosis. It is important to recognise that it may be difficult to set long term goals when facing a life-changing diagnosis, this may seem and feel impossible and unachievable. It was very pleasing to see that this was recognised within the book and that setting small goals are just as important and included.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a section including EFT. This is a skill I have been introduced to during the course of the past year by external professionals, and I feel this is a useful addition to the book.

A few suggestions I feel could be useful:

  • A page whereby contact details of GP, health professionals etc. could be included.
  • A page of “What do I need?” – encouraging you to think about your own needs. This can be difficult if you have a family etc. and think about what you really need during this time.
  • A page of “Self-care skills” to remind you in times of need how you can take care of yourself. This is something that I have personally found difficult. I have focused on getting through each appointment etc. but not necessarily how I can self-care in-between.
  • A section on “how can you support me?” – Including ideas for close friends, family on what to say, useful quotes etc. This section could be shared together to help develop understanding and acceptance that you are not alone.

Personally, I will certainly be using this book to help the management of my diagnosis but additionally I will be recommending this to help and support others.

The book is very informative, clear, and concise broken into small, important and manageable sections. I was delighted to receive and review a copy.

Sarah Clarke

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