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  • Heike’s Story – Chapter 1

    In October 2012, following a routine hysterectomy operation, I was diagnosed with aggressive ovarian cancer. During a 7-hour operation in Berlin to remove the tumour, it was discovered that the cancer had already spread into my intestines and the

    Following 2 years of treatment, which couldn’t fully remove all the cancer in my intestines, I feel I am at a crossroads in my life. Before the cancer I went through a traumatic divorce, and now I feel I have a second chance to live. For the first time ever, I am starting to allow myself to enjoy my life. I have focused on learning to love myself, positive thoughts, having fun, laughing and expressing my feelings – all of which had been hard for me to do beforehand. Divorce taught me independence, but cancer has taught me to love myself for whom I am, a gift, allowing me to be myself with no more masks.
  • Heike’s Story – Chapter 2

    I need a lot of mental strength to not let the cancer take me over. I struggle with all the phantom pains, the different sensations in my body. To distract myself I use the Surviving Me audio tracks. They really help at night when I can’t sleep and I am frightened. I don’t even try to […]
  • Heike’s Story – Chapter 3

    20 January 2016 Last night, I listened to Anita Moorjani on Hay House Radio talking about how to cut through all the confusion caused by conflicting advice on healthcare, and how to tune in to your own body to find out what it really needs to be healthy. It was inspiring for me to learn how […]
  • Heike’s Story – Chapter 4

    Tomorrow I go for another scan. I feel like I am in a bubble, a vacuum waiting, my life paused. I think the cancer is back. I am in so much discomfort and can’t even find a comfortable position to sit or stand. I know I will be seeing the senior doctor so it isn’t good. […]
  • Heike’s Story – Chapter 5

    Looking back at my story now, from where I started out, it feels like another lifetime ago. I don’t recognise myself now. I have grown and changed with my cancer. Reading back has reminded me how I coped in the early days of my diagnosis, how I felt, how I organised my life and my thoughts […]
  • Heike’s Story – Chapter 6

    September 2016 – January 2017 I have always shied away from public notice, so it is hard for me to keep up with my story. I wait for Helen to come and sit with me and she then writes whilst I talk. I feel there are so many people worse off than me and I’m almost […]
  • Heike’s Story – Chapter 7

    March–June 2017 27 March brought my 60th birthday and a fabulous secret party with friends and family arranged by Bob and the kids. It was a wonderful day. I was so surprised – it was all so unexpected. To see Chris, my ex-husband, there with family and old friends was good and a great relief. It […]
  • Heike’s Story – Chapter 8

    July 2017 So far this month, I have had more than 10 seizures all lasting around 15 minutes. At the start, I went twice to A&E, once by ambulance and then I was transferred to North Staffs Hospital. My throat was screened for signs of thinning of the blood vessels and I had MRI and CT […]
  • Heike’s Story – Chapter 9

    My favourite piece of meditation music.
  • Heike’s Story – Closing Chapter

    August 2017 Heike’s battle to live on despite suffering multiple tumours, came to an end at The Christie on the 21st August 2017. The telephone call she was waiting for at the end of July 2017, wasn’t good news. The cancer had spread to her brain. This explained the fits she had been experiencing over the […]