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  • Katherine’s Story – Chapter 1

    Mesothelioma, a devastating type of cancer caused by asbestos exposure, is almost impossible to survive. It is aggressive and spreads quickly, and yet survival is possible. This is why I share my story. I survived mesothelioma through a combination of a good, early diagnosis, a great medical team and aggressive treatment and my own strength and […]
  • Katherine’s Story – Chapter 2

    My story starts with the flu The first thing I wish more people knew about mesothelioma is that it is very difficult to diagnose. My story starts with what I thought was the flu. I got sick and had symptoms like a cough, difficulty breathing and chest pains. It felt an awful lot like a bad […]
  • Katherine’s Story – Chapter 3

    Fighting an aggressive cancer with an aggressive treatment Aside from being diagnosed accurately and early, I had another great tool that helped me survive mesothelioma: a great medical team that encouraged me to fight. Mesothelioma is extremely difficult to cure because it develops in many small tumours that are difficult to remove surgically. There is almost […]
  • Katherine’s Story – Chapter 4

    Cancer free, ten years later I really struggled to recover after the surgery. I was facing life with only one lung – a big limitation. But, I was alive. My doctors screened me for cancer remission every month, then every two months and now every year. Ten years later, I am still free of cancer. I […]