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  • Lee’s Story – Chapter 1

    When I was younger, I always knew I wanted to go to university. But when the time came to decide what I actually wanted to do, I didn’t have a clue. I knew I wanted to do something associated with psychology but the regimental and theoretical aspects put me off. In the end, pretty close to […]
  • Lee’s Story – Chapter 2

    As time went on, the time I was working was becoming interspersed with ever increasing periods where I would be out of work. I was actively seeking work but never got the break. This, coupled with a few personal issues, led to me feeling what I would describe as moderately depressed. Some days I felt fine […]
  • Lee’s Story – Chapter 3

    My intention was to design a service to take the treatment of mild depression and anxiety to young people who would otherwise be reluctant or unwilling to seek it out for themselves. A service that is designed, staffed and managed by young people from the local area, which will allow us to communicate with young people […]