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  • Lorraine’s Story – Chapter 1

    Mother surviving child (Lorraine surviving Rob) When I was 22 years old, with my eldest son only weeks old, my dad died. He was not an old man: he was in his early 50s. Whilst he had been ill for many months, and we knew his hospital folder had been marked “TLC” (tender loving care), we […]
  • Lorraine’s Story – Chapter 2

    People talk about the ‘rug being pulled from under you’. Well, it would be bad enough if it were from under you, but from under your child… that is a whole new world of pain. Rob spent two and a half years in and out of treatment, with a tense period of remission in the middle, […]
  • Lorraine’s Story – Chapter 3

    As my journey into grief progresses, I have witnessed Rob’s young friends move on into adult life, graduating and starting exciting careers, enjoying exciting trips around the world – and yes, sometimes I hate Facebook! I have witnessed his beautiful young girlfriend embark on a new and loving relationship, and I rejoice in her future. We […]
  • Lorraine’s Story – Chapter 4

    Our grief was matched along the way by many of Rob’s friends. Seeing young people trying to make sense of the death of one of their peers is a painful sight. I wish I could have thought of something to say that might have helped, other than that life sometimes simply makes no sense and isn’t […]
  • Lorraine’s Story – Chapter 5

    My Son Lives On Through Me Four years ago, Lorraine George’s son Rob died from leukaemia aged just 21. She tells Lucy Banwell how she has managed to carry on, inspirted by her sports-mad boy. Click here to view larger version. Article originally published in Woman’s Weekly, December 26, 2017