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  • Rachel’s Story – Chapter 1

    I think many of my friends and family would probably have (smilingly) described me over the years as a ‘together’ sort of person, organised, someone who knew their own mind and what they wanted to do. Like most of us, I had had to deal with the ups and downs of life, sadness and happiness, but […]
  • Rachel’s Story – Chapter 2

    As the days turned to weeks and months and I responded well to the treatment I was given, my health improved and my focus moved on from just considering that morning, that day or tomorrow, to think about what to do with myself. I struggled in many ways to relate to others as they went about […]
  • Rachel’s Story – Chapter 3

    When Helen came to talk to me about a new project she was thinking of – putting together a series of exercises and activities that would help someone understand the direction they should take their life – I knew that was exactly the kind of support I had been looking for. A practical thing I could […]