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Some of the feedback Helen has received:


Helen, I am amazed by the simplicity of it all, but most of all I thank you for your care and understanding.
Thank you for making the difference to my life.


Helen came to see me at very short notice (within a couple of hours) when I realised I was failing to cope with great emotional shock and grief. Her calm presence helped me immediately and I felt I was in the ‘right hands’.

Helen provided me with a copy of her relation CDs, which I used religiously every day to manage my anxiety and stress. I still do on occasions when I feel the need to come down a notch on the frenzy level.


When I first went to Helen, due to an emotional crisis, I was not coping either at work or in my non-work life.  At work I was often not coping at all, unable to function properly in a role I’ve been doing comfortably for a long time, and was struggling to make myself go to work some days.  As I’m usually a high performer this was alien to me.  Helen’s coaching moved me on very quickly, and in a short time helped me get back to, and achieve a standard that has earned me a promotion at work, something that would not have been possible a short time ago.

The work we’ve done has also moved me on equally in my non-work life.  When I first saw Helen I was not interested in taking part in activities, or socialising.  It was a huge effort for me to do things I’d taken for granted previously (such as playing a game of golf or going to the gym).  Now, I’ve gone from staying at home alone most of the time, to being so busy, I can’t fit everything in, and I have to prioritise.  The transformation in my life has amazed me.  I struggled with the problems I was having for nearly a year before seeking Helen’s help, and these changes have come about in just 3 – 4 months with immediate noticeable improvements with each session.  I feel, even now, that I’m still improving, and believe that this is leading to a better quality of life for me, than I had before the problems that made me seek Helen’s help.


My experience to date with Helen has been life changing. I knew that I was at a stage in my life where I could continue to work with unhealthy emotional patterns of behaviour or really take the plunge and change them once and for all.

The process with Helen has been a great journey which has allowed me to understand how I have chosen my friends and partners who where unable to meet my emotional needs and that I do not have to stay in this place as it doesn’t suit me any more.

Throughout this journey I have been continuously supported and have gained a great deal of depth and understanding from Helen, to be helped to gain so much freedom and empowerment in my life I don’t think THANK YOU would ever be enough.


My experience of Helens E.F.T. work is from taking my daughter Laura to see her following a recommendation from a friend of mine

Laura’s Dad left us when she was just 5 months old and before a relationship had formed between them.  Although her first couple of years were surrounded by a lot of upset and worry, Laura progressed to be a very calm, happy and well-balanced child and teenager.

Laura was 17 when she started seeing her first serious boyfriend and after a short while her behaviour became quite aggressive and unpredictable.  She would get upset very easily and following one incident it emerged that Laura was hitting and biting herself to try and control her anger and upset in private.  We tried talking to her but things became more serious when she tried to throw herself in front of a moving vehicle.

At this point I decided she needed outside expert help before anything more serious happened.

Laura had just 4 sessions with Helen who discovered that Laura was really worried about her boyfriend rejecting her the way she felt deep inside that her Dad had done.  Once discovered Helen used the E.F.T. process with Laura to remove the block that was causing her the distress and she is now back to her old self again and coping well with her first broken heart, as shortly after her boyfriend ended the relationship.

I was so impressed with the E.F.T. therapy that I have since attended a training course to learn the process myself.


Before contacting Helen I had no idea as to what I wanted or where I was going in life, with their expert assistance I was able to see how my previous decisions had been formed and as a result now have a much clearer idea of where I want to be and how to get there. They have provided the strategies that have enabled me to put in place plans and actions to achieve what I want in life and have given me a sense of purpose again.

In addition to the coaching I also had a relaxation CD, which has been a huge benefit to me, it has amongst other things taught me how to breathe properly and how to focus, I feel really fresh and full of energy when I have finished listening to it. I would thoroughly recommend the services they provide and the relaxation CD as they have helped me get back on track.


Having come from a scientific and engineering background I was initially sceptical about EFT. However I began to see benefits after a very short period of working with Helen.  I was anxious about forthcoming building work on my house and the disruption that this would cause in my life. I used EFT to rapidly see the roots of my concern and then to overcome my fears. This short session has sustained me over a 7 month building project, relatively stress free. In fact colleagues at work have remarked about how calm I seem, given all the difficulties we have had.


I went to see Helen specifically to stop smoking. I had tried other approaches and they had not been successful. Helen used Emotional Freedom Technique to very quickly remove my cravings for a cigarette. What I wasn’t expecting was that by the end of the session I physically didn’t want to touch a cigarette, let alone smoke one! Helen then taught me some very simple and effective techniques I could use myself when I was in places I use to smoke, like the pub with mates. This took away all my stress around giving up smoking.


I went to see Helen about my levels of stress and a phobia of cotton wool. She quickly and effectively relieved my anxiety and showed me how to manage my emotional state in stressful situations. The phobia of cotton wool was removed in a matter of minutes and has remained gone, this was important to me as at the time I was expecting my first child. I have found the CD Helen gave me to be of great benefit in helping me relax and to unwind at the end of a busy day. I would thoroughly recommend Free-To-Be to anyone who is experiencing stress or suffering from a phobia.


Helen has helped me during the most difficult period of my life. I lost my beloved husband early last year and had great difficulty in coming to terms with the loss.

Helen gave me ways to deal with the great trauma, which made them easier to bear. My loss can never completely go away but with Helen’s help it made the deepest and most difficult times more bearable. Helen has a great gift of deep understanding and an ability to use her great skills to great effect, something in today’s world that is rare.

I would fully endorse and recommend her to any future clients.



Helen helped my daughter through a very difficult and sad time in her life. She got her back to uni and living her life as she should have been and now it’s lovely to see her smile .


I’m a Dad. And my son in his late teens/early 20’s developed an anxiety, bordering on depression really. Seemingly from nowhere my boy had become fixed-faced, hard-eyed, silent, angry and had moments of aggression. This was an adult struggling, not just a young teenager in a fit of adolescence. He was beside himself with self-doubt, anxiety about sleeping and was riddled with negativity. In the end, he needed a Physchiatrist and something like 18 months of medicine to calm his anxiety and to help rebalance the muddled-up chemicals in his brain. But Helen played a crucial role in helping Jacob find coping strategies and a clearer perspective of what was happening to him. She would spend long sessions with him on the phone, via Skype or in person, listening to him and offering him techniques for managing his darker and sadder moments. It gave my son something practical to grasp when he felt lost, something simple to hold onto when the weight seemed too heavy. Helen was also helping my wife and I cope with it too. Without betraying any confidences she and my son shared, she offered advice and support to us, guiding us with how to support Jacob and giving him the right kind of environment to allow him to move forward. This episode was an emotionally challenging one for me personally and Helen found time to give me perspective too; helping me be a better father when my son needed it most. Thanks Helen.

Have to say, it makes me emotional just going back to that period. You were great Helen.


I was 17 when I first felt I needed help.  I was having severe outbursts of aggressive behaviour which included biting and punching myself.  I had always felt quite calm as a child and wasn’t used to feeling so angry.  This anger led to me trying to throw myself in front of a moving car, which shocked and frightened myself, my boyfriend and the friends that were with us at the time.

I was very nervous when I went to the first session.  My Mum, Stepdad and boyfriend all came with me for support.  During the session Helen talked to me about what happens to trigger the angry and emotional outbursts.  I became very emotional and upset while I was telling her and we discovered that I was worried about my boyfriend rejecting me the way my Dad had when I was 5 months old.  Helen started to take me through the E.F.T. process.

We worked through the process several times and my anger and upset subsided from a 10 down to a 1 and until there was no emotion left in me.  I felt very drained after the session but was relaxed and happy – a bit like I was floating on a cloud.

Over the next week I used E.F.T. whenever I was in a situation where I felt I was becoming angry and I was amazed at the effect it had and how relaxed I felt in a very short time.

My biggest test came when my boyfriend ended our relationship and even though I felt very upset and heartbroken I wasn’t having the extreme feelings that I had been having previously.  I have since used E.F.T. regularly to help me over the break up and I am also using it for other issues that may occur.

I would recommend the E.F.T. process to anyone as it has had such a positive impact on my life and has given me control over my emotions instead of the other way round.


I could never get to sleep; I would be awake all night. Helen’s CD and the EFT she taught me have helped me to relax and fall asleep easily.


A friend whose child had been having problems sleeping following a trauma gave Helen’s number to me. I was having a terrible time with my youngest son Alex. He was struggling with anxiety, he was having constantly disrupted nights due to very disturbing nightmares, he was afraid to sleep in his own bedroom which is a floor above ours and instead chose to sleep in the guest bedroom across the landing from us to be closer. Even then by about 3am he was in bed with me terrified.

Alex had also been having issues at school both with other children and his schoolwork, to the point that one Friday he actually told his teacher he was going home to end it all. As a parent to hear that from your child is utterly devastating.

You have to understand that Alex is quite a complex character. He suffers from Dyslexia so he does find schoolwork difficult but he also struggles within himself. As much as he was underachieving academically he has a very high IQ, he was immature emotionally but very mature psychologically. As a child he was quite imbalanced and I guess not surprisingly found life hard and very confusing. In fact all Alex wants to do is bypass school and go straight to work, he sees himself as a businessman. Having said all of that it was the sleeping problems that actually took us to Helen.

Helen has been fantastic with Alex and also a great support to all the family. Alex forged a great relationship with Helen and before long he was sleeping through the night. Of course we were delighted that Alex was able to get a good nights sleep and his anxieties seemed to greatly diminish, he could control them and understand them more but it did not end there. It was almost like swapping him for another child!

All of a sudden he went from having no real friends at school to becoming a popular boy in his class. He suddenly had a lot of friends and his confidence was growing by the day. He started to become more interested in activities out of school and most surprisingly of all his grades at school improved unbelievably. In half a term he went up 4 sub levels in reading alone. His teacher was amazed at his progress as were we all. Alex also has a weekly session at Dyslexia Action to try to help him with his difficulties; his teacher there was also taken by the change in Alex, the speed in which he was making progress and also his levels of concentration.

Alex has come a very long way in a very short time and we all owe a lot to Helen, it is as though she has helped him get his life back. He is now a very happy little 11year old boy, who still struggles at school but works hard and is now average but doing fine and looking forward to high school. He takes the challenges on with enthusiasm and he is an absolute delight. It is funny when you go down a path and you don’t really know where it will lead. A lot of the things that have happened have been totally unexpected. Alex still sleeps in the guest bedroom, one of the things we initially wanted Helen to help us with, but now it’s really not a problem. Alex is happy and settled and where he chooses to sleep at night is really not an issue.

We are delighted to have found Helen and very grateful for everything she has achieved with Alex. She genuinely cares very deeply and we feel very confident that we are able now to call on her at any point in which Alex finds things a little too overwhelming to cope with. I think our whole family can now sleep better at night!

Sport Coaching

I would like to thank you for the coaching you have given to me during the last few months. I cannot believe the impact this is having on my training and racing. Its impact is amazing as I can now instantly relax my body and mind, I have loads more self confidence and actually believe that I can now perform at the highest level, I am now driven by the desire to be the best in the world rather than by the fear of failure, and most importantly I now believe anything is possible – I have no boundaries to my performance.

I love measuring my performance by feelings rather than statistics. It is amazing that every time I feel good about what I have done I have actually performed well. I can almost imagine the perfect run, and through this my paddling is actually improving.  I am really looking forward to the next phase of my mind training and believe that through the techniques you are equipping me with I will be quicker and better. I have definitely gained a competitive edge on my competitors and cannot wait for selection next year. All round I feel a better and more relaxed person. Thank you.

JA Jnr (GB Kayak Team)

Just a short note to thank you for what you have done for Johnathan. I must say when Johnathan started on your programme I didn’t believe it would have any significant impact.  How wrong I was, the improvements started immediately and I noticed performance improvement even after session one. Johnathan has always had talent in his sport but has always failed to achieve his full potential as he has suffered from nerves. Although he knows he is good he has always had self-doubts. He now has lots of self-confidence, is able to relax and doesn’t fear failure. Everything he now does is quality and focused-even in training. He now puts all of his efforts into improving his own performance rather than worrying about his rivals. He has now started to use untapped senses to help improve his performance, for example he does some training with his eyes closed to help him improve his other senses. The relaxation techniques you have taught him help him perform better and his whole body and mind are in tune for racing. I have now started to study sports physiology myself.  All the literature I have read indicates that what you have done with Johnathan within 2 months can take years to acquire. On a personal level I have also learnt how to be more positive towards Johnathan and how to better support him. An added bonus of your coaching is that Johnathan has a whole new positive outlook on life itself and now has a high level of self-confidence in everything that he does.

Your coaching is now a fundamental part of Johnathan’s development as a world-class athlete.

I hope that you can continue to support Johnathan, and look forward to you starting the breathing techniques with Johnathan over the next few weeks.

JA Snr

I was having difficulty with certain situations on the golf course, feeling stressed and hurried when other players were behind me, as well as having a mental block about improving my handicap. Working with Helen, I became more aware of the effect of my mental state had on my physical game. Helen showed me simple but very powerful techniques for managing my mental approach to my game. As a result I have become more consistent and relaxed when I play. I would recommend Free-To-Be to any golfer who has a low handicap and is seeking to further improve their game.


Before contacting Helen I had no idea as to what I wanted or where I was going in life, with their expert assistance I was able to see how my previous decisions had been formed and as a result now have a much clearer idea of where I want to be and how to get there. They have provided the strategies that have enabled me to put in place plans and actions to achieve what I want in life and have given me a sense of purpose again.” – MD (IT Professional) “Helen has provided a solution tailored to my specific needs in order to minimise any doubts, fears or apprehension I had about upcoming events, this enabled me to perform to the best of my ability. She has helped me to mentally condition myself through preparation and performance to achieve my goals.

SW (GB Olympic Shooting Team)


I found the process of working with Helen liberating, leaving me feeling more content and at peace with myself, happier and an easier person to be around.  I am significantly more balanced in my approach to life and work and am less critical of others and myself.  When being interviewed I have no moments of anxiety and feel cooler and in control, sharp and focused.  My confidence has grown hugely and I would definitely now be unfazed by television presentations and screened interviews.

BB (Government Advisor and Business Exec)

I came to seek Helen’s professional help in June 2005.

The reason for this was because I had noticed a marked change in the behaviour and attitude of a very close female friend of mine whom, to that date, had had great difficulty coping with the many personal stresses and anxieties in her life. When I enquired as to where her sudden newfound wisdom and clarity of thought had sprung from, she told me she had ” sought help”. I was later forced to reconsider my immediate cynicism, when I realised my friend had, in fact, developed long term effective coping mechanisms, in what appeared to be such a short period of time and was moving positively forward with alacrity.

Helen has a gift. An ability to show you how to understand and help yourself. She allowed me to see where my life was going and why it was going there and to form an idea of where I actually wanted to be and how to get there. She makes it seem all so simple! She has taken me on a journey, which I have described to her as going from pea soup into minestrone, then onto noodle soup and now, with my new found clarity, I have reached consommé and, with her expert strategies, I hope to stay there!  I cannot recommend her highly enough. Apart from her expertise, she is also a most caring and compassionate person who will go to extraordinary lengths to help one achieve a sense of well-being and purpose.

I have since recommended her to some friends and colleagues, all of whom, without exception, have achieved or are in the process of achieving a similar clarity of being and purpose.