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Vivien Morgan – Surviving Me Review

Surviving Me is the guardian angel book for anyone with a life-changing illness. Recently diagnosed or having lived with an illness for a long period of time, Surviving Me supports a person in a self-guiding book aiming to maximise positive outcomes in their daily life.

The book systematically supports the reader to analyse their everyday life through building up blocks of information about their emotions, daily life, their past, their strengths, weaknesses, skills and achievements and what really matters to them when coping with their life-changing illness.

Surviving Me has step-by-step, structured activities with lots of examples and ideas in order to help the reader focus and reflect when evaluating each part of themselves and their life. This enables their emotions to be discovered and a self-realisation gradually begins to emerge. Having built a personal profile of who they feel they really are, Surviving Me naturally supports the person and helps them realise that they can make changes and realign their life. Understanding one’s own personal values and moral code is integrated in to the framework and this reiterates what matters to that person and what is imperative for that person to live positively.

The book uses another dimensional approach of relaxation techniques to help a reader cope with difficult emotions and anxiety as a result of a life-changing illness. Written guidance or support through the use of a CD demonstrates to the reader the Emotional Freedom Technique, visualisation and meditation. These techniques are suggested with the aim of helping a person cope with their situation, keeping them at peace and calm, helping control their emotions as well as helping them with anxiety and stress.

Finally, Surviving Me encourages the reader to write their own story and build a picture of their life through various suggested mediums. This enables the reader to address unresolved situations and relationships, projects, commitments and how these can be resolved, delegated or changed, with a view to setting future goals.

Surviving Me is a shining light for a person at a difficult and challenging time. It realistically helps a person with a life-changing illness understand and accept their feelings in this new life situation. The focus is constantly on structure and direction, making choices about how you want to live your life, acceptance and, most importantly, creating positive outcomes. Read Surviving Me and start to live again.

Vivien Morgan
Teacher and previous carer for mother with pancreatic cancer

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